Monthly Donors

Monthly donors are the backbone of our Ambassadors program. Your contribution leads to life-changing impacts and provides the opportunity to become part of a diverse multi generational community promoting the right to education.

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3 reasons to become a monthly donor

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Increased Impact

Being able to count on your support provides the base for SOS to be able to make long-term, ongoing commitments to our program participants and partners.

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Convenience for You

Choose how you want to make your donation (eg. credit card, bank withdrawal, e-transfer, or post-dated cheques) and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Become part of a community

Our monthly donors have the chance to connect directly with one another and with program participants through exclusive access to interactive virtual events (including Spanish lessons, dance classes, and student presentations)!

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Our Commitment to Transparency: The Impact of Your ContributionA monthly commitment of $50 supports an entire scholarship of one Youth Ambassador and provides the essential resources (eg. pencils, notebooks) for Ambassadors to run their weekly Learning Circles. Specifically your funds will be allocated as follows:

  • 85% to support the Monthly Scholarship of a Youth Ambassador like Juana
  • 15% to support the purchase of Learning Supplies (Pencils, Notebooks), and other program resources

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Donor Community Spotlight

Meet a few of our monthly donors. You can join this community today!

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Laura Barbosa
Program Coordinator, SOS

As a staff member of SOS, I had the opportunity to see first hand the impact of the Ambassadors program. That is why I’ve become a monthly donor for four youth ambassadors! Being from a family of teachers it mattered deeply to me to help promote the right to education.




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Danielle Harder
Professor, Durham College

As an Educator, I’ve had the chance to see first hand the impact of SOS’ programs and to share that experience with my students. Along with my husband and kids, we have become donors to support 2 youth ambassadors. It feels great to have our full family behind this effort.




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Rob Scott
Managing Director, Accenture

As a member of the SOS Board of Directors and previous service trip leader, I wanted to continue to contribute to SOS’s great work in Central America. It’s been easy to make a monthly donation through my employer’s payroll deduction option facilitated by the Benevity Platform. You should check with your employer if they offer a similar option and matching program. Now, more than ever, the need is great and you’ll know that your contribution is supporting meaningful, sustainable support